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Join now and get discounted prices on all products and access to more printed giftware.

Join Today For These Membership Benefits

Joining our popular Artist Members Club comes with BIG benefits that can save you money as well as provide you with exclusive access to a growing range of products.

  • * Save 20% - On all printed items
  • * Wider Gift Range - Exclusive member-only items (see our product range)
  • * Buy up to Six Artist Sample Packs - Per Year
  • * 5GB Storage - For your artwork
  • * Free Artwork Enlargement - Intelligent upscaling
  • * Full top to bottom print on 10oz ceramic mugs - subject to approval
  • * Amazon Warehouse Delivery - subject to approval

We love printing for artists and try to keep both our prices and mininum order quantities low. By joining our club, for the price of a couple of take-away coffees per month, then we are able to invest time in sourcing more products as well as saying thank you by offering a discount on your orders.

Annual Membership - Sign up today to start saving

12 months membership for just £83.88+vat (works out to £6.99+vat a month).

Save 20% Off Prices

As a member you will get discounted ex VAT prices on all our products no matter the size of the order. For some of our artists then the saving would pay for annual membership in the first order alone.

When you email us your order then as before we will send you a Paypal invoice with the member prices showing instead.

Exclusive Members-Only Gifts

As a member you will get access to a wider range of giftware. We are constantly trying to source new items that would appeal to you the artist and to your customers showing off your lovely artwork.

We are unable to hold large amounts of stock for non-members so therefore these items are held exclusively for members only.

Upto Six Artist Sample Packs

Every two months of your membership you can buy another sample pack. Up to six sample packs can be ordered in one calendar year. Please note that you can only buy one sample pack at a time with at least two months in-between each pack.

5 GB Storage (That Means Lots!)

As a member we will hold all the artwork templates we have printed for you for the period that you are a member up to 5Gb.

This means that if you require a re-print of any items then you do not need to resend the artwork. Although sometimes a small thumbnail is often useful for us if the name of the artwork was never provided so we can match up with our files.

Free AI Enlargement

If your artwork is not as large as needed and you're unable to provide a high resolution image then we can enlarge your image using sophisticated Artifical Intelligence software that we now have access to.

Unlike traditional "upscaling" features like that in Photoshop which merely just enlarges pixels this software, driven by artificial intelligence, improves images without losing quality.

We are absolutely blown away by the results of these enlarged images and although it costs us a fee each time we use the software we will use this software for exclusive use of members-only artwork when needed.

Amazon Warehouse Delivery

If you use Amazon as your fulfilment centre then we can send your printed giftware to Amazon instead and attach barcode labels on your behalf. This is based on the complete order being sent to Amazon, the artist providing all barcodes labels (printed and sent in the post) and the artist booking in collection via their nominated courier (labels can be emailed to us to print and attach to boxes).